Whether you would like a classical concert guitar, an innovative concert guitar according to Kasha, historical replicas, a custom-made electric guitar or an electric bass guitar, I construct your instrument depending on your individual wishes.


If you are looking for an instrument, which transports the aesthetics and the sound world of the Spanish concert guitar into the 21st century, I recommend my model Konzert. From selected and long matured lumbers, I create an instrument, which is based on Spanish construction tradition, but at the same time chances a look into modernity. Technical perfection, great attention to detail, and finest nuances in sound design characterize my concert guitars.


If you are exited for the extraordinary and you want your instrument to reflect your individuality, the model Kasha may be your guitar to-be.

Based on the research of the U.S. American scientist Dr. Michael Kasha about the acoustics of the concert guitar, I developed my own model according to Kasha during my studies. The thoughts of how to form my Kasha model, which are documented in my diploma thesis, provide a broad field for experiments and further developments.


The sound world of former epochs becomes livelily with historic instruments. I construct replicas of instruments, which I have engaged in scientifically. These historical instruments include “romantic” or “Biedermeier” guitars. Among others I do copies of a Legani model of the Viennese luthier Johann Georg Stauffer and a guitar of the Parisian luthier François René Lacote, both from around 1830, but also baroque guitars and concert guitars of the late 19th and early 20th century, e.g. from Hermann Hauser I or Richard Jacob “Weissgerber”.

My special service for you: I research the original instrument you want to have copied in case they are exposed in a museum or they are in private hand.

Electric guitars and basses

Electric guitars and electric basses from my master workshop are completely custom-made. The musician gets an instrument which fulfills his needs and reflects his personality. It is of special importance for me that the higher registers are accessible, best possible ergonomics is given and that your instrument is equipped with exclusive top-notch components.

Tonewood and components

For your instruments I only use selected and well matured lumbers. These lumbers give the instruments elegance, colour, and character. With regard to equipment, my quality standards are very high and thus, I only use high-precision mechanics form leading manufacturers.


Models for left-handed musicians are available without any surcharge. Multiple-string alternatives are possible for all instruments. Since every instrument is a completely handmade one of a kind, variations from diapasons and measurements can be easily realized, e.g. size of the fingerboard, fingerboard cone, neck thickness, neck profile etc.