Thomas Ochs Gitarrenbau fertigt E-Gitarren.
Beschreibung der E-Gitarren Modelle und der Spezifikationen.

Electric guitars custom-made

Everybody, who has played guitar for a long time, is looking for the perfect instrument. Important factors are the feel of surface, visual appearance and the right components. For me, custom-made means: You tell me your demands and wishes and I construct your instrument according to these, from the first draft to the vernier adjustment.

Three examples:

Tele-Style Electric Guitar (2009):

Customer requirement: Especially thick neck, tele-guitar without tele-head, noble

Realisation: chamfered maple headstock, reversed headstock for better ergonomics while tuning, drop-top rosewood soundboard on a swamp ash body and a binding made from cherry wood.

Hardware, Sound pickup and electronics: noble visual appearance through golden hardware from ABM and Schaller and as special feature Häussel pick-ups with humbucker at the bridge.

E-Gitarre Telecaster-Form. Schräge Vorderansicht. Gitarrenbau Thomas Ochs

Custom-made Tele-style E-Gitarre Palisander / Sumpfesche

E-Gitarre custom-made Tele-style Preisliste (German)

PRS- Style Electric Guitar “Black Pearl” (2010)

Customer requirement: PRS-Style, tacked maple soundboard, dark grey finish of the instrument

Realisation: Design of the headstock, hand-carved, arced maple soundboard on a mahogany body;   glued mahogany neck; headstock and fingerboard, made from ebony, are bound with tacked maple wood. Special: nacre inlay, designed by the customer on the fingerboard at the 12th fret.

Hardware, sound pickup and electronics: The Schaller-Hardware in ruthenium and the splittable Häussel-humbucker with black ebony plate support the dark visual appearance of the guitar.

E-Gitarre custom-made

Custom-made E-Gitarre PRS-Style Ahorn / Mahagoni

E-Gitarre custom-made PRS-Style Preisliste (German)

PRS-Style Electric guitar “RED”

Model: hand-carved, arced maple soundboard with red finish on a mahogany body, glued mahogany neck

Hardware, sound pickup, and electronics: The biggest advantage of custom-made guitars: regarding the choice of hardware, sound pickups and electronics is nearly unlimited. I recommend e.g. Schaller hardware and Häussel-pickups.

E-Gitarre PRS-Form. Schräge Vorderansicht. Gitarrenbau Thomas Ochs

Custom-made E-Gitarre PRS-Style Ahorn / Mahagoni

E-Gitarre PRS-style Red Preisliste (German)