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Ausfedern der Deckenbalken einer klassischen Konzertgitarre.



Siccas.de Nice homepage of two passionate guitar collectors, whose concern is to provide a wide range of guitars, information, videos of guitarists and guest articles. English content provided.

Zupfinstrumentenbauer-Forum Forum for handcrafted plucked instrument making in Germany.

Focus Gitarre Portal for classical guitars in Germany.

Gitarre Hamburg All sorts of guitar things.

Saitenspiele.de All sorts of guitar things prepared by the journalist Ulrich Mehner


Häussel Pickups Pickups made in Germany with fantastic sound. English content provided.

Scheller guitar tuning machines Functional, precise, and beautiful – the recommendation for your guitar! English content provided.

Schaller electronic Components for electric guitars and basses. English content provided.

K&K Sound Pickups for acoustic instruments. English

True Temperament Fretting System A solution for intonation problems - can be adapted to all of my guitar modells. English

Science and Research

Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Studies in music instrument making in Markneukirchen (Saxony, Germany) – Studies at the University of Applied Sciences for the diploma in music instrument maker.

Guild of American Luthiers Editor of the journal “American Lutherie”. English.

Institut für Musikinstrumentenbau IfM Institute for music instrument making in Zwota, Saxony – acoustic research on music instruments. English content provided.

Institut für Gitarre und Laute Fundamental research for instrument making technology for classical guitars.

ScHooling and Aprenticeship

Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Musikinstrumentenbau Mittenwald Instrument making school in Mittenwald, Bavaria/Germany. English content provided.

Berufsschule für Musikinstrumentenbau Klingenthal Instrument making school in Klingenthal, Saxony/Germany.

Wie wird man Gitarrenbauer? Article by Martin Seeliger about the apprenticeship instrument maker (German).

Guitar festivals

Bamberger Gitarrentage

Gitarrenfestival Hersbruck, Germany English content provided.

Internationale Gitarrenfestspiele Nürtingen, Germany. English content provided.

Internationales Gitarren-Symposium Iserlohn, Germany English content provided.

Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy  

Liechtensteiner Gitarrentage English content provided.

Hamburger Gitarrentage

Gitarrentage Vaihingen an der Enz

Friends and colleagues


Boaz Elkayam, Israel Searching and finding new ways in guitar making! English.

Klemens Müller, Saxony,Germany.

Gitarrenatelier Hermann Gräfe Nicest luthier in Lower Franconia in Hofheim/Lendershausen

Waltnerguitars Angela Waltner Berlin, Germany English content provided.

Thomas Eichert Baiersdorf, Germany English content provided.

Peter Reck Photographer and musician from Bamberg, Germany.

Mario Nimke Photographer and musician from Bamberg, Germany.