Thomas Ochs Gitarrenbau fertigt klassische Konzertgitarren in kompletter Handarbeit.
Beschreibung des Modells und der Spezifikationen.

Model Konzert

When you are looking for a perfectly crafted concert guitar with a classical, clear shape, I recommend my model Konzert. The guitar convinces with independent sound aesthetics and extraordinary playability. Quick response, singing treble, and a present bass highly recommend this instrument for professional use in a concert hall as well as for chamber music.

The soundboard of your concert guitar can be made optionally from spruce wood or cedar wood. The material of the body is crafted from a precious wood of your choice. The instrument, which is constructed in about 180 hours of work, mirrors my distinct affection for handicraft perfection.

The model Concert is available as six-, seven-, eight-, or ten-string version. Left-handed versions of the instrument are available without extra charge. Moreover, I fulfill your special requests with pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact me for special requests.


This model is influenced by the Spanish guitar making tradition as well as by outstanding examples of contemporary guitar making. Especially the works from Daniel Friedrich, Jose Romanillos, and Boaz Elkayam influenced my work.

Details of Construction

The construction of the soundboard with seven symmetrical fan-braces and a tunneled bar below the sound hole supports the sound reflection and the volume of the bass. The stiff bracing of the soundboard above the sound hole promotes the sound duration in the treble.

The soundboard as well as the back of the guitar is furnished with domes. Four cross bars are used to brace the back. Together with the braced frames, this feature enables the soundboard to resonate, similar to a clamped membrane. These construction features increase the projection of the instrument.

The neck of the guitar, which is reinforced with carbon bars and made from mahogany or cedro is fitted into the headstock and connected with the body in a Spanish way of construction. The upper nut made from bone is not located at the end of the fret board but inserted into the fret board. Through this way of construction an additional support of the transition of the neck and the head is reached.

Machine Head

The Teflon bearing machine heads of Gilbert (USA) captivate through their precision, durability, and technical appearance. Alternatively I recommend machine heads from Alessi, which combine excellent functionality with the elegance of classical models. For special requests, I also use the machine heads of Klaus Scheller –, where the scroll and the worm wheel are ball bearded.

Visual Appearance

The decoration of the instrument is classical elegant and modest. The sound hole is decorated by a handmade sound hole inlay. The body is surrounded by purflings and frames made of precious woods. The exclusivity of the used materials and details, like the mitred purflings, underline the value of the instrument as a handmade individual piece from a master luthier.


The soundboard is refined by an exclusive French hand polish. For the body, I recommend a thin coat of lacquer on a acrylic or nitrocellulose basis. These lacquers protect the wood of the body for many years. The oiled and waxed neck conveys the incomparable feel of the surface of the wood and does not become gluey. Alternatively, the whole body or the whole instrument can be varnished with French polish.

For me, the playability of the instrument is of special importance. This means I adjust the action according to your individual needs. The cross arced fingerboard facilitates the playability, especially for the playing of barré-chords.

Details of a Guitar Model "Konzert" with Cedar Top and Back and Sides made out of East Indian Rosewood

Klassische Konzertgitarre Zeder / Palisander. Ansicht des ganzen Instruments von vorne. Gitarrenbaumeister: Thomas Ochs, Kemmern.

Modell Konzert Zeder / Palisander

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Klassische Konzertgitarre Fichte / Ostindischer Palisander. Ansicht des ganzen Instruments von vorne. Gitarrenbaumeister: Thomas Ochs, Kemmern.

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Klassische Konzertgitarre Fichte / Muschelahorn. Ansicht des ganzen Instruments von vorne. Gitarrenbaumeister: Thomas Ochs, Kemmern.

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