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2011 5th Upper Franconian Innovation Prize

The design of the True Acoustic Bass guitar convinced the jury and thus, received one of the three special prizes of the 5th Upper Franconian Innovation Prize. The acoustic bass guitar outclasses other bass guitars with regards to construction, sound, volume, and tone duration.

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2010 Design Prize “Seitensprünge”

The 5-string, headless electric bass was awarded the design prize “Seitensprünge” of the franconian handcraft in 2010 and shown on the international handcraft exhibition in Munich the same year. Special featuers are the headless way of construction with a continuous neck and a mottled maple soundboard, which bridges the whole body including the neck. Fine materials such as silver and ebony as well as premium-quality components made in Germany enhance the functional design. The electric parts offer a the player a variety of sound variants and are easy to operate.The pick-ups are embedded in a cap of ebony. A fine detail: my company logo is engraved into this cap.


Logo Designpreis "Seitensprünge" 2010

Bavarian National Prize 2007

The 8-string concert guitar model Kasha was awarded the Bavarian national prize in 2007 for extraordinary technical performance in handcraft on the 59th international exhibition of handcraft in Munich. The jury acknowleged the superior level of the extraordinary construction, based on the theories of the American physicist Dr. Michael Kasha.

Bayerischer Staatspreis für hervorragende technische Leistungen im Handwerk für eine achtsaitige Konzertgitarre Modell Kasha von Thomas Ochs

Logo Bayerischer Staatspreis 2007

2006 Design Prize “Seitensprünge”

The 8-string concert guitar Model Kasha was awarded the design prize “Seitensprünge” of the Upper Franconian craft in May 2006 in Bayreuth. The outstanding characteristics of this guitar, made from cocobolo and spruce wood, are the soundhole in the side, the asymmetric bracing of the soundboard, and the vibrating back. One significant advantage of this way of construction is the increased vibrating surface of the back and the soundboard. The asymmetric bracing, which also reflects in the bridge, supports the balance and tone duration of the instrument. With this model, Thomas Ochs implements the theories of Kasha consequently in his own way. With this award-winning model Thomas Ochs created an instrument, which can be recognized by its clear shape and its typical sound aesthetics.


Logo Designpreis "Seitensprünge" 2006