I design, construct and repair classical, historical, and Kasha guitars. Furthermore, I design and build the electric guitar of your dreams as well as your one of a kind electric bass guitar.

Unique Instruments

Every guitar coming from my workshop is a hand-crafted unique piece of art, which is coordinated with your personal demands and wishes. The guitar offers unequalled opportunities with regard to aesthetics and meets the highest properties of sound. My instruments reflect the search for perfection, which also incites the musician to artistic peak performances. For me, it is of special importance to respond to your individual needs and expectations. That is the only way to create an instrument you feel absolutely and completely comfortable with.


Although I appreciate and respect the tradition of my craft very much, I am always looking for new ways to continuously refine the only 250 year old instrument of the guitar. Especially my classical concert guitar model, which is designed according to the theories of the physician Michael Kasha and awarded several times, is the perfect tool for virtuosos and musicians, who are looking for something special and extraordinary.

If desired, I apply the Double-Top or Sandwich-Construction, which was developed by Matthias Dammann and Gernot Wagner 15 years ago, for every of my acoustic guitars. This construction method shows its strengths especially in conjunction with the model according to Kasha.

Compensated upper nut, True Temperament Fretting System, Fanned frets or FABS - free adjustable bridge saddle – I will be glad to inform you about new opportunities to refine the intonation and the performance of your instrument.


Your instrument develops from extensive handiwork. Mitered purflings at the foot of the neck, self-made sound hole insert, into the fingerboard assembled upper nuts, the use of selected materials and many other things, which are only noticed on closer inspection, show my attention to detail. However, my principle is: the design should support and resample the construction of the instrument.

Bayerischer Staatspreis für hervorragende technische Leistungen im Handwerk für eine achtsaitige Konzertgitarre Modell Kasha von Thomas Ochs

awarded the Bavarian national prize for extraordinary technical performance in handcraft 2007

Klassische Konzertgitarre Modell nach Michael Kasha Zeder / Palisander. Ansicht des ganzen Instruments von schräg vorne mit Schallloch im Zargen und asymmetrischem Steg. Gitarrenbaumeister: Thomas Ochs, Kemmern.
200 Px breit.

Guitar Kasha-model cedar / palisander by Thomas Ochs

Konzertgitarre Kasha Preisliste (German)